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A broad sense of humor is essential to human life.  Some friends have been kind enough to send me funny stuff over the years, and I'm glad to share it.  Rather than email each thing, I've chosen to present a gallery of some random favorites.

If any of this stuff violates anyone's copyrights, let me know and I'll take it down.  I think all this is floating around pretty widely on the internet...

March, 2006:  Time for some new stuff.  I'm adding links to more pages.  I've left the old stuff at the bottom of this page, because some folks have bookmarked bits of it.

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bulletPhotos - Worth a thousand bits.

First, a puzzling picture:  I am told there's a boat in this picture, and I've had several guys with excellent eyesight review the photo at length-- yet none of us has been able to locate the boat.  Can you? Whereistheboat.jpg

Ever wonder if your ass is too small?

How about the best remote control a guy could want?

Would you invest with these guys?

Does this remind you of your workplace?

Coolest auto paintjobs ever:  Mini Cooper  Van Plumber
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bulletHTML - Web stuff I've come across

I swear I really pulled this one off of the actual Microsoft website.  It wasn't there long... but it's great! RTFM

If some of the pages on my website don't display properly click here.

Somebody made a clever floating clock.
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bulletMovies - Some things simply require sound and action.

Bless us all... but look both ways!

IKEA Ad.  This is great!

Another clever ad, for Home Improvement

Frustration comes in all forms.

You might want to check the backseat.

This is the chainsaw real men want.

There are several reasons not to fight a woman.

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